In 2023

at AnRes Clinical

we have been

supporting 17 clients!

Moreover, we have:

🤝 Been successfully providing oversight and monitoring of clinical trials in chronic and rare neurology, auto-immune and oncology conditions. We also provided strategic insights through deep-dive regulatory strategic mapping in order to de-risk clinical development of our clients´ products.

🚀Exceeded our goals for last year by gaining five new biotech clients in 2023.

📅Actively participated in industry events such as the Nordic Life Science Days, “a Nordic festival of life science” where we met with our current partners, friends and hopefully future clients.

🎤Been featured on a prominent Life Science Talent Talks, sharing insights into clinical research, the motivation behind starting AnRes Clinical, and offering advice for aspiring independent experts.

🔬Become a proud partner of the Oncology Development Program 2 by Lean Life Science — fostering early-stage health and life science innovation where we supported two finalists of the program in their drug development needs.

🌍Collaborated with various organisations, from biotech companies to academic institutions and hospitals fostering a culture of innovation and knowledge exchange.

With a clear vision of a bright future ahead, we look forward to continuing our mission of working together on developing new treatments for chronic and life-threatening diseases.

Thank you for following our journey!

Team at AnRes Clinical

Meet us at the largest life science partnering event in the Nordics!

November 2023

We're thrilled to announce that our CEO, Anna Polak-Andersen, and our dedicated team member, Mette Hansenholt, will be attending the 10th Nordic Life Science Days 2023 in Copenhagen,

on 29-30th November 2023.

The NLSDays is a groundbreaking event that brings together the best in the life science industry.

It highlights success stories from the Nordic life science companies, emphasizes the importance of licensing deals and business strategies during the tough financial climate, and discusses the necessary building blocks for a successful life science sector.
Last year, NLSDays achieved remarkable milestones, gathering 1540 delegates from 32 countries, facilitating over 3,000 face-to-face meetings, and showcasing 135 cutting-edge companies.

You can still register at:

At AnRes Clinical, we're all about fostering innovation and driving positive change in the world of clinical research. We're looking forward to connecting with fellow industry leaders, exploring potential collaborations, and learning from the incredible success stories that

NLSDays has to offer.

Stay tuned for updates from the event, and let's explore new avenues of possibility together!

We are excited to introduce

Mette Hansenholt,

M. Scient. Med.,

the newest addition

to the AnRes Clinical team.

7th June 2023

Mette has two years of experience working in global CRO in clinical start-up Delivery.

She has worked in all Nordic countries, mainly with clinical studies within rare diseases.

Her primary tasks were to be the bridging person between sites and sponsor, QC of documents, Keeping the overview of the study process and making sure timelines were reached.

She holds a MSc. Medicine from Aalborg University specialized within Translational Medicine. Mette is passionate about closing the gap between the scientific and operational aspects of drug development projects and also has the mindset needed to advance projects run by biotech with a lean approach.

We look forward to the valuable contributions she will make to our team. Welcome, Mette!

Life Science Talent Talks

1st June 2023

Thank you to Søren Spanner Bachand Nehar Mortuza at Life Science Talent Talks Podcast for having me at the Networking Event & Season 1 Celebration with Podcast Guests.

It was really great to be able to answer questions from the podcast audience just live sitting together with them at the guest table face to face. It was also a fantastic opportunity to ask directly other company founders about their journeys. We all had lots of fun due to the great energy floating around and the friendly atmosphere.

I would like to invite you to listen to my episode, along with previous podcast episodes, here. In my episode (S1E15), I had the pleasure of sharing my experiences in clinical research, the motivation behind starting my own consultancy firm, and offering advice to those aspiring to become independent experts in their field.

CEO, founder of AnRes Clinical Anna Polak-Andersen

AnRes Clinical have joined

the Oncology Development Program 2 (ODP2) as a partner service provider.

13th May 2023

ODP2 is organised by Lean Life Science, which has been now selected by InnovateUK to deliver its oncology accelerator to support the development of early-stage health and life science innovation in the UK.

ODP2 uses a proven approach that has seen attendees of ODP1 secure over ÂŁ50 million in funding to date. ODP2 is open now to UK-based academic and early-stage companies with any therapeutic modality, diagnostic, digital, health or med tech oncology-focused innovation.

Selected by independent expert assessors, the nominated innovators will present to an expert panel who will choose eight projects to join the programme on the 5 June.

The final eight will receive dedicated non-dilutive funding to develop their project plans and pitch decks. This is combined with hands-on support from world-recognised business innovation tools instructors, oncology industry experts, investors, a unique network of leading contract research organisations, and feedback directly from industry partners.

We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas as well as a successful and fulfilling New Year 2023!

Another year is coming to an end, and our thoughts turn to all of you who have trusted in us and who we have been collaborating with us, exchanging thoughts and networking this year.

We would like to thank our clients and partner collaborators and we are sending you our warmest gratitude for the opportunity to contribute to closing gaps in unmet therapeutic needs for patients suffering from long-term and serious conditions. We are very happy we could help with global clinical trial management, clinical monitoring in Scandinavia, medical writing in Oncology, regulatory advice for pharmaceuticals and medical devices, private investor funding, data management and statistical analysis needs this year.

Another day at AnRes Clinical...

18th October 2022

This morning we had a visit from Lars Løkke Rasmussen,

the ex Danish Prime Minister, at AI Innovation House where our office is located. In fact, him and his political party Moderaterne want to improve the environment for start-up companies by implementing new investment structures and lower the income tax associated with owning company shares.

We like the sound of that.

Nordic Innovation Fair

27th September 2022

What a great opportunity to meet entrepreneurs from the Nordic Research Institutions and hear about their innovative projects and journeys from idea to biotech start-up. It will be interesting to further explore potential collaborations and support the next steps toward first-in-human clinical trials.

Thank you to the organizer and the Novo Nordic foundation for an inspiring day.

With kind regards

Clinical Project Delivery Manager

Cecilie Abildgaard

4th Anniversary

07th September 2022

Initially, I created the company so I could be more in control of my workload after the first maternity leave and fulfill my dream of being able to work from anywhere.

The vision from the start was to expand as a consultancy and focus on pharmaceuticals and products, addressing unmet therapeutic needs and supporting the treatment of patients who did not have many options to manage their condition.

With the level of engagement in projects, we genuinely believe AnRes Clinical can offer something unique to our clients.

What makes us different is that we become an integral part

of the client´s team, have strong therapeutic expertise, and true passion for clinical and scientific research.

AnRes Clinical vision is to support start-ups and developing companies in drug and product development activities

in a structured and open-minded manner.

Thank you to our core team, our partners, and our clients

for great 4 years! I am looking forward to many more successful years!


CEO Anna Polak-Andersen

AI meets Life Science,

Health Science and Biotech

21st June 2022

Great thanks and the best takeaway from the AI meets life science, health science and biotech event at Novo Nordisk Foundation.

It was an awesome experience that brought more light to new strategic initiatives in research infrastructure and sustainability. Big thanks to all guest speakers and their hard work that was presented at the scientific sessions.

Veronika Cheplygina from the IT University of Copenhagen did a great presentation about ´´Machine learning in medical imaging: shortcomings and recommendations´´ and gave a great perspective on achievements, problems, and possible solutions for imaging.

You can learn more from the article.

MVA Executive Club dinner

16th May 2022

Thanks to Jonathan P. Gertler, MD for a fantastically delivered talk packed with interesting data on the recent life science investment trends.

It was fascinating to learn that the number of VC deals has almost doubled when comparing 2019 and 2021 in all areas such as biotech, health tech, medical devices, and diagnostics with the most substantial increase in the Health-tech sector.
Jonathan, thanks also for talking about what's considered "hot" investment-wise in each sector. AnRes Clinical gets the take-home message to stay focused on the area one is good at and passionate about in order to make real and meaningful progress. Once again, thank you for this opportunity to gain more insight from you.

Health Tech Hub Copenhagen Friday bar

29th April 2022

AnRes Clinical attended Health Tech Showcase and Friday Bar Health Tech Hub Copenhagen with a testing of delicious whisky from West Jutland. What a natural and welcoming event it was! Thank you for opening the ecosystem this afternoon and thank you for the presentations from Brain+developing digital therapeutics for Alzheimer's disease and dementia as well as Patient Journey Appoffering patients a better access to health care when they need it.

Collaboration: Oncology drug development

8th April 2022

Growing AnRes Clinical team together with our strategic partners are super excited about initiating a collaboration aiming at designing a Regulatory strategy and an Oncology drug development pathway aimed at securing the necessary funding to initiate first in human trials.


28th March 2022

Our CEO, Anna Polak-Andersen attended the Wholesale Investor #emergence2022 meeting in London. It was full of energy, fascinating ideas, and very interesting pitches. It also felt great to be back in London and re-unite with business collaborators and see them in person again.

Medicon Valley Alliance: Immuno-Oncology meeting

16th March 2022

AnRes clinical really enjoyed all the interactions at another spectacular networking meeting by Medicon Valley Alliance and learned a lot from a number of presentations on promising immuno-therapies for cancer, all delivered in a truly knowledge-sharing spirit by Miltenyi Biotec, Lund University, Herlev and Gentofte Hospital, Asgard Therapeutics, Alligator Bioscience ABandCbio A/S.

Symbion Community / Microbiome Network event

9th February 2022

AnRes Clinical has moved into the vibrant Symbion Community space where Henrik Koblauch, our new colleague will be working.

We also had the pleasure to attend another very interesting Medicon Valley Alliance Microbiome Network event with excellent speakers giving practical insights into Live Biotherapeutic Product (LBP) development, also delivered in a fun and friendly way. We enjoyed meeting people in person again.

Collaboration: Oncology and anti-inflammatory

24th January 2022

AnRes Clinical is excited to have started a collaboration with California-based biotech to create a regulatory strategy pathway for their Oncology and anti-inflammatory product within the Microbiome area. We are grateful we could start the year 2022 with this new endeavor!

Merry Christmas from AI Innovations house

17th December 2021

AnRes Clinical is wishing Merry Christmas from AI Innovation House in Vejle to all our clients, partners, and collaborators! We are being spoiled with some live Christmas carols here today!

Collaboration: Neurology and Respiratory

15th December 2022

AnRes Clinical is beyond excited to have recently kicked off a collaboration with an ambitious Med-Tech company developing digital therapeutics for chronic diseases in Neurology (pain) and Respiratory. We are looking forward to continuing work on advancing these innovative products with a great long-term vision behind them.

Medicon Valley Alliance Annual Meeting

8th November 2021

AnRes Clinical enjoyed the high-quality speeches put together by Medicon Valley Alliance including a presentation on innovation from Prof. Robert Langer, ​a chemical and biomedical engineer who is one of the world's ten most cited researchers and the leader of one of the most productive and profitable research facilities. It was a truly value-bringing meeting and we are looking forward to future events.

Collaboration: Paediatric epilepsy

22nd October 2021

AnRes Clinical is very excited about initiating a collaboration with one of our partners on a complex Phase 2 paediatric trial in a rare form of epilepsy. This is our second study in paediatric epilepsy increasing our understanding of this life-long disease when young patients have to take two to three AEDs (Anti-Epileptic Drugs) to achieve a level of disease control.

presentation for Vejle kommune 

4th October 2021

AnRes Clinical presented at Sundheds- og Forebyggelsesudvalget meeting for Vejle Kommune Cecilie Abildgaard, our Project Delivery Manager has presented how AnRes Clinical is currently involved in health data collection and AI-related projects to the local politicians in Vejle Kommune. 

Collaboration: Rare diseases

28th September 2021

To build on our expertise in Rare diseases AnRes Clinical has initiated a collaboration on a rare form of Congenital Hyperinsulinism together with one of our trusted partners. We are looking forward to expanding clinical research activities in Denmark which remains our mission.

The Nordic Innovation Fair in Copenhagen

21th September 2021

AnRes Clinical had the pleasure of attending a unique event organized by the Danish universities. Over the past decade, the Nordic region has exhibited exponential growth in research and innovation across the natural sciences. Nordic universities create significant potential for translating early-stage research-based inventions into products and services which benefit society. However, to realize its full potential, it requires support from external business partners.